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After 30 years of working mainly with classical topiary (think cones, balls, spirals, etc.) Claudia is now influenced more by Asian designs and plants that lend themselves to being shaped on Bonsai shaping principles. "Both classical and Asian-influenced topiaries are trimmed to the shape you desire, but classical styles are mostly geometric whereas Asian influenced topiaries are dynamic and assymmetrical. You'll never find a Bonsai looking like a 'cake-stand'. Bonsai is much more stylized - It's an artist's impression of what nature is actually like. I find Asian influenced topiary a more creative artform than classical shaping and love both the freedom and the discipline required to achieve complex shapes."

If you are looking for something unique, please contact us, there might just be that special piece tucked away in my nursery.

Cloud pruned

Pom Pom